Earlier Work

ArtSelves: Daniele Ryvlin Spellman
The next 4 groupings represent a sample of prints I produced over the last 30 years. I began printmaking around 1985 and for the next 15 years explored and developed monotype techniques. I quickly discovered that by reprinting up to four or five times onto the first image, I could achieve greater depth and complexity. The prints shown here represent how my process has evolved.
The first set is a sample of early prints and some of my first attempts at multiple printing on the same image. I was then beginning to look at creating imagery that told a story using stencils as the props on a stage filled with color. Stencils, rather than drawing directly on the plate, turned out to be a choice that suited my graphic leanings along with using text.
With the second group of prints, I began to make greater use of stencils. The stencils were created to add more of a narrative to the themes I chose, and another graphic element to the reprinting process. The samples here are drawn from two different series developed and shown in the mid and late 90s.
In 2000, I started using photo transfers to personalize the work even further, and the third group begins with prints from a series on the theme of lineage. After showing this series, I began to work on commissions using a client’s photos to create an original print with a personal reference.
Finally, the last group, represent prints that were part of a number of series beginning in 2004 where I used photo transfer, stencils, collages and monotype techniques, drawing on, and integrating these different approaches to create a body of work that is both personal and accessible.
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